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Our Planet is much more Mobile today than ever. Consumers are constantly online and it’s increasingly difficult to reach them via traditional channels such as TV, Radio and Web. In 2013 there have been over 6 billion vouchers. With increasing penetration of cellular phones to the many rural places, cellular networks cover over 90 percent of the planet’s inhabitants. Availability, affordability and ubiquity create the cell phone an important platform for retail advertising and business to client communication.

fast sms shop

The cellular phone is now the newest”must Have” for any serious”innovative” marketing endeavor. As a result of rapidly expanding capabilities of smartphones, there’s a misconception that’primitive’ technologies like SMS isn’t up to the job at hand. The fact is far from it.

Most manufacturers today select SMS as a must-have. When planning their mobile approach. One reason behind that is that while there are 1 billion tablets, there are 5 billion attribute telephones. These phones have built in SMS capability.