Muhammad Faszrin Hidayah


Hello, My name is Muhammad Fajrin Hidayah, and my nickname is faszrin or ajin or whatever what do you want to call me. And I was born in medan 3 april, i grown up in medan, darullaman(aceh), bacan , sidangoli (North mollucas), ternate(North Mollucas), and the lasted i was in jakarta for study in Pesantren Al-mahbubiyah Cilandak jakarta.

School: my elementary school was, Min Medan, SD inpress mandaong, sd tunas barito and Islamiyah 2 Ternate,(1996-2002)

my first high school was SLTP 4 Ternate(2002-2005)

and my high school was SMA 1 Ternate(2005-2008)

I college in Quran sciences college jakarta (Ushuluddin faculty) (2008-2009)

then moved medical school of Islamic university northern Sumatra (2009-....)

my dad and mom is a doctor, they work in ternate. and I am the first child of four brothers/sister.

my dad: she was born bukit tinggi( west Sumatra) and grown up in Medan and now work in ternate be a doctor

my mom: she was born medan ( north sumatra) but she came from java, and now she work in ternate be a doctor

so so I have the blood of Java and padang

I like Football, and I like Inter Milan so call me Interisti

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