S . J

Windsor, Ontario

I gave birth to my daughter September 25, 2012. She is my first & only child as of right now, so I'm a new mom & still learning new things. My plan was to breastfeed my baby, but unfortunately she was uncooperative with that plan. I still wanted to give her the benefits of breast milk, so I am now exclusively pumping & feeding her through a bottle.
I became very frustrated when I tried looking for information for exclusively pumping moms & found very little. Either you're supposed to breast feed, or supplement with formula, apparently pumping isn't good enough? With further searching, I did find SOME websites with SOME pumping information, but not nearly enough.
I started this blog website to give information that I've either read after extensive research, or that I've learned along the way to hopefully help other exclusively pumping moms that also cannot find any information out there, or at least make it easier to be in one spot instead of various websites.
I will also have some tips & tricks that I found useful so far, some you probably have heard of before, & some you'll probably disagree with.
DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a professional or expert of any kind. This blog is solely based upon information I've read, or personal experience. If you have any actual concerns or medical questions, seek your doctor's/paeditrician's advice.