Artia Hawkins

A 31 year old self-employed business owner living in Chamblee, Ga. I have the most awesome spouse and an absolutely beautiful son. My journey to blogging and YouTubin-ing is a little convoluted. Years ago I googled for advice on flat-ironing my natural hair so that it would look like it does when I leave the salon. This search led me to YouTube, where I not only found tutorials on flat-ironing, but just about everything else you can imagine...including protective hairstyles (i.e. wigs, weaves etc.), beauty and fashion. As a self-professed shop-aholic, I have more beauty and fashion items than I care to admit to. But like most, I tend to stick to the same few items in each category. To break out of this rut, I began googling things like 'curvy girl fashion' to find unique ways to start wearing the ricockulous amount of clothes in my closet. This led me to the many blogs and You-Tube channels I have come to know and love. I figured that by doing a blog and having a YouTube channel myself, not only can I inspire others the way many of my favorite bloggers and vloggers have inspired me, but also force myself to start stepping out of the box when it comes to my fashion and beauty regimen. ENJOY!