Fat and Sick


My real name isnt fat, its actually Bonny. I reside in a quaint town in Connecticut and live to eat. Ironically living to eat has started to cause mt to eat for death. I am trying to fix this. Here is a brief synopsis of what is me:

28 yrs. old - Mom dies

29 yrs. old - Become Vegan - weigh 220 lbs (my smallest ever)

30 yrs. old - Diagnosed with heart disease

30.5 yrs. old - Has heart surgery to implant a pacemaker and a defribullator..

33 - Fat, Tired, Sick. Cant sit for more than 10 minutes without my back and leg hurting.

Currently today I weigh 320 lbs. I have made the choice to cut that in half by next year. Yes, I will do this with diet, healthy choices, and working out.

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