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But how did this strange history start? Feb is certainly referred to as the month of love, and throughout our country family members often exchange cards, items, candy and flowers as a way of showing their love. Feb 14th but, when we celebrate the break called Valentines Day, is when many of these gifts and expressions of our love are exchanged. Click here dog leash to compare when to mull over this idea. But how did this strange history begin? The break is both old Roman history and a Christian that is indeed very mysterious. The initial Valentine's day can be traced right back to the Catholic Church which started a feast day, said to be honoring its patron saint named Valentinus or Valentine. But how St. My girlfriend discovered details by searching Yahoo. Valentine became associated with this lovers vacation is certainly a matter of discussion, and there are various famous stories describing the bond. Among the most popular stories occurs all through the next century in Rome. The ruling Emperor Claudius II had decided single men made better soldiers, and banned relationship so he can create a better crop of soldiers. A young priest by the name of Valentine defied the decree, and continued to marry young lovers in secret, and when Claudius found this he requested that Valentine be put to death. Star does credit Valentine with actually giving the first valentine. The story claims he had fallen in love with a young women, who'd been visiting him while he was in prison. It's alleged that he sent her a letter which he closed Out Of Your Valentine. Yet another story shows that while attempting to help Christians escape from the deplorable Roman prisons, where they were often tortured and beaten, he was killed. We will never know the full truth about the Valentine figures, though there is no doubt about his daring and romantic appeal. Valentine was one of the very popular saints in England and France during the middle ages. I-t wasnt until the 19th-century when British settlers arrived that Valentine's Day was was introduced to United States. Today, in accordance with (Hallmark Re-search) 192 million Valentines Day cards are changed yearly. This is along with the countless plants, boxes of candy and numerous gifts exchanged by lovers on this day. The afternoon has turned out to be associated with the greeting Happy Valentines Da