Donna McCue

East Hampton New York

The name, Fat Ass Fudge, will make you smile. You can taste the delectable pleasure and pure ingredients in every bite. Our heavenly, handmade fudge is rich, delicious, and completely natural. It is made with organic goat's milk; gluten and lactose free. The rich creamy texture of this fudge will leave you saying "Oh my God, this is so good!

When my most successful brother said, "You should sell this fudge!" and asked, "What would you call the company?" I sassed, "I would call it what you called me growing up, Fat Ass!" We all laughed.

My Fat Ass Fudge open doors for me that could not open before. Look, I got on Shark Tank ABC # 1 TV Show and sold my fudge to Whole Foods in East Hampton NY.

I love to make people smile and the name, Fat Ass Fudge, always makes people happy. The taste of my fudge is amazingly creamy with exquisite gourmet flavors. I make it special because I believe we all deserve the best when we indulge in something a little bit decadent and sensual.

My mission is to bring sweetness into your life and to put a smile on your face.. A little bit of Fat Ass goes along way. Chocolate is good for your soul.

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