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Our expert proposes "mud therapies, cold compression bandages, anti-cellulite massage and acupressure." Why? "They promote lymphatic drainage and fight orange peel".

Beauty products are your best allies
Become friends with cellulite gels and creams. You do not have to leave you a fortune. Some are very cheap and effective. They’re cold, hot ... A tip: "better if you apply them after the shower."
Have fun while you exercise
So you will not take it as an obligation. If your guy likes to dance, to dance class aunties and you cannot, go skating or riding a bike... Accordig to the rules of weight Loss exercises, It's about finding an activity that motivates you and that, above all, have fun.

Diets rich in protein rather than starve
The clinic recommends diets INS timed DAP (Contribution protein diets), which consist of minimizing the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, increasing the intake of vegetables (best-leaved, such as lettuce, chard or spinach) and protein (meat, fish and eggs).

And when you get home...
Not to 'kill' doing weights, but tone your body while you relax. Notes!
If you do not give up your siesta, unless made to wait. "Take the opportunity to do chores after lunch and so do not lie down immediately after Juicing. “The shower, your time off Altera different temperature jets and "always finish your shower with cold water because the blood vessels are opened and closed the heat with cold." Tip: Place the tap so that water go up, starting with the feet and moving slowly to encourage the return of blood.

And still working your body to the night
If you lie down to watch TV, stretch your legs and upload about 30 º. You will notice how you burn the abdomen. You can do this exercise with the toes up or stretched. Repeat in sets of 10 seconds and as your body gets used. You can also lift the trunk about 20 °, placing the arms along the body.

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