Fat Burn X Reviews

Fat Burn X is the latest dietary supplement fad to hit the market, promising to take you to the promised land of long-term weight loss. But is the proof in the pudding? Is all that fanfare you see on TV infomercials and on the web really legit? Not really; in fact, the only thing this product will burn in the end if your wallet...let's find out why.

First, what is the supposed 'magic' ingredient in Fat Burn X?

That would be garcinia cambogia (or rather the HCA found in it), which is a plant, and also known as Garcinia gummi-gutta. Its fruit appears to be very similar to a green pumpkin and is often found in many traditional dishes throughout Asia, where it is enjoyed for its sour taste.

In the skin, we find a high level of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). This is the 'magical lightning in a bottle' active ingredient found in Fat Burn X.

However, even though various studies on rats (rats!) have shown credible weight-loss results, all studies done on humans have shown that dietary supplements containing HCA have only been successful at achieving short-term weight loss, and even then, with VERY minimal results: the highest loss weighed in at only a 1.2% change in body fat; hardly rip-roaringly successful.

The bottom line is that this weight-loss supplement is nothing more than another pretender; a placebo. They even make the outlandish claim that because this ingredient is found in so many Asian dishes, this is why Asians are thinner and have less obesity problems than westerners.

I guess that when clinical studies don't back up your claims, you need to grasp at straws and find any way possible to sell your product.

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