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Wordpress popularity is owed to its UI and design but adding some features like pricing tables can be painful without the use of a plugin. Simply put, plugins are small scripts or codes which help the users enhance their site features without professional help. Wordpress has some in built plugins like ‘Facebook Integration’, ‘Contact forms’ and ‘Google Integration’. But yet, there are lot of features that give a tough time to site owners. There are more than 25000 plugins on Wordpress but not all of them are rated well. Why Wordpress Apps like Fatcat are so popular?

1. Trusted Source: Wordpress is an open source blogging platform. In other words, it is managed by a community which can create and submit any plugin. Wordpress Apps like Fatcat are popular because they are trusted by millions, rated high on usability and are constantly upgraded with better features. While plugins are important if they are not from a trusted source it can ruin the site’s user experience.

2. Customizable: Every site has its theme and unique colour code. Popular plugins are designed keeping this variation in mind. They allow users to adapt the look and feel as per their website’s design. This makes the website design look synchronized. Plugins which do not have this feature break the design flow and make websites look unprofessional.

3. Analytics: Wordpress Apps like Fatcat are integrated with Google Analytics. It simply means that site owners can get concrete numbers on how people interacted with the plugins installed. A high level of interaction justifies its existence on the site. After all, every extra piece of code on the website can put pressure on its resources. Unwanted plugs are better removed in the interest of user experience.

If you are a Wordpress user, select your plugins judiciously. And remember, it is not the quantity of plugins that count. Few popular ones can do the job without stressing out the site’s resources. Be sure to visit Fatcat Apps Wordpress page. To start out, go here for Wordpress, check your plugins on this site here, and learn more about email marketing at this link.