Fat Dave Johnston

People call me Fat Dave... and those who don't wonder why. If YOU happen to fall into the demographic of people who wonder why then I suggest you open up a phone book and see if you can find 'Dave Johnston.'

My handle neither offends me, nor describes me... but it does distinguish me among the musical community in Edmonton, AB... and Alberta... and Western Canada for that matter. I'm a critically acclaimed song writer and stage-dominator, and (for lack of a better term) "hot-shot" electric guitar player.

I play guitar for Jake Ian & The Haymakers, Garage Mahal and last, and most importantly indulge my own folk-blues based & somewhat satyrically honest songwriting under the name "Fat Dave" (which has also had alternate names in the past, including The Fat Dave Crime Wave and Ol' Smashy, both with formal independant releases out).

I'm also a single father of a beautiful little girl, the best boyfriend ever to the prettiest girl that walks the earth, and a member of The Clutch Poppers Car Club of Edmonton which is a club that works on & modifies pre-1964 American cars. I have a pair of 1962 Ford Fairlanes that are currently undergoing metamorphosis.