Fatema Zuaiter

Hello, My name is Fatema Zuaiter. I am originally from Palestine. I grow up in Kuwait a small rich country in the middle east. After I graduated from high school I moved to the United States . I enrolled in the business school at UAB in fall of 2009 to pursue a degree in Information Systems. If every thing goes as planned I will graduate in fall 2012. After I graduate I am looking forward to starting a career in the banking industry. Currently my husband and I are franchisees with IHOP corporation. My family and I reside in the city of Hoover and we are loving it.

Like most women I enjoy shopping. I love to travel and hope to visit as many countries around the world as possible. I also enjoy cooking and working out. I am a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys football team and the Dallas Mavricks basketball team.

I find politics very interesting. I make sure to be informed about all the latest developments all over the world by watching and reading the daily news.

I dream that one day soon all the fighting and corruption all over the world will come to an end.