Fathalla Mashali

Possessing over 29 years of experience as a critical care medicine and anesthesiology professional, Dr. Fathalla Mashali currently treats patients at New England Pain Associates (NEPAIN). For periods between 2001 and 2009, Dr. Fathalla Mashali acted as President of several anesthesiology service providers including Northern Rhode Island Anesthesia Associates, PC; Anesthetics of Massachusetts, PC; and Anesthetics of Lowell, PC. Dr. Fathalla Mashali has also contributed as Chairman of the Departments of Anesthesia for the Melrose-Wakefield Hospital and Landmark Medical Center. Earning his Doctor of Medicine from Cairo University KasrAlAiny School of Medicine in Egypt, Dr. Fathalla Mashali possesses an extensive understanding of a variety of medical topics including pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, and histology. Dr. Fathalla Mashali completed years of postgraduate training in Egypt and in numerous institutions in the United States. Licensed in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Kentucky, and Hawaii, Dr. Fathalla Mashali gained his board certification for anesthesiology and critical care medicine in 1995. In his current post, Dr. Fathalla Mashali provides anesthesiology services to assist with patient treatments and managing discomfort. Providing care in pain management clinics in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Dr. Fathalla Mashali and his colleagues at NEPAIN conduct comprehensive diagnoses and create treatment plans for individuals who seek out the expertise of the medical professionals. Using state-of-the-art technology and approaches, he and the NEPAIN team help patients manage chronic pain. Massachusetts offices are located in Holbrook, Winchester, and Worcester, while Rhode Island features a site in Woonsocket. For more information about the pain management and anesthesiology services Dr. Fathalla Mashali offers, please visit www.nepain.com.