Father Christmas

I live at The North Pole

Hello and welcome.

With Christmas being such a busy time of year I am starting to use social networks to help keep an eye on who's been naughty and who's been nice.

I am happy to say that so many people have been good this year and that means means a very busy time for me and all my helpers.

Track Me

Follow me on Christmas Eve as I fly around the world delivering presents.

You will be able to track me and know that I am on my way to you.

Click the link below to track my sleigh journey.


Christmas Tunes

If you want to hear some great Christmas tunes, head over to my SantasBlog twitter page.

It's Christmas music with a more interesting flavour..

Check it out and share with your friends.



Click here to Stream Christmas Tunes Via YouTube

  • Work
    • I make and bring gifts at Christmas for everyone