Whether you're starting completely from scratch or upgrading an existing site, Fathom will make sure your end result is a web presence that's usable, functional, and easy to maintain. Fathom can also be your long-term web partner, providing ongoing maintenance, support, training and development.


Sometimes the best way to get your point across is to engage your audience in interactive media. Fathom produces online games, web interactives, and kiosk experiences that will inform and inspire.


Tell your story, your way – without having to break the bank! Fathom has the tools and skills to deliver professional, effective, high-definition video projects. Share your creations on the web, on mobile devices, or via DVD.


It's never been easier or more affordable to enable live, interactive events using reliable, high-quality video. Fathom's years of webcasting experience can connect you with audiences of any size, anywhere in the world. Let us help plan, produce and deliver your next live web event.


A great, low-overhead format for keeping your audience informed and connected. Fathom can help develop program formats, get you set up with the tools and software you need, and teach you the production workflow so you can produce high-quality podcasts time after time.


Your audience is constantly on the move – your digital media better be as well. Fathom can extend your web and media presence to mobile platforms via smart-phone application development, website versioning, and media conversion.

Digital Media Consulting

Often the biggest challenge when working with digital media is knowing what questions you should be asking, and where to begin looking for the answers. Fathom can help make sense of it all. We'll work with you to analyze your current situation, identify areas for improvement, and develop digital media strategies that accomplish your goals, make sense for your audience, and stay within your budget.

Digital Media Training

You've just made a big investment in your digital media capabilities – now what? Fathom can provide you and your staff with the training you need to make the most of your new tools, formats and platforms for the long haul.