Fatih ISCI

software Specialist in Bursa, Türkiye

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Hello, I'm Fatih

It has been used in different informatics fields such as computer hardware, operating systems, servers and security software, intranet applications, UI / UX, web design, web programming and e-commerce applications for the last 22 years, and in the last year of these 22 years, it has been used on the web with object-oriented programming. I work as a software developer in a company called Codemine Software Tech. GmbH, which develops erp / mrp applications.

Besides my interest in technological toys, I am a total cat lover but above all a nature lover.

I have a YouTube channel where I post my own videos and my own video blog.

I am researching alternative diets and trying some recipes for these diets.

I try to be very active in outdoor activities and in my spare time I usually do activities such as cycling, camping, hiking or climbing.

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