Ady Silajarak

Indonesia, Samarinda

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Ady Silajarak was my nick name, but my real name is Muhammad Rasyidi.

I love this nick name, it will remain me about my lovely litle town and make friends of mine recognize me easier.

I choose to quit my job in 2010 and trying new and exciting adventure with the internet business. I ralize that this kind of business can make a fortune when I get serious.

I built a website related to my new journey, with provide every visitors with an information about internet business.

One my mision was to KICK all of the spam Product with my review from internet business field.

I realize there are still many legitimate ways to make money trhough the net, the only problem was this legitimate one are covered by thousand Spammer products.

Come, visit my website and join with me to KICK THE JUNK from make money opportunities.

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    • Mechanical Enginering Bachelor Degree