fatima villi

Student in Colima, México

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My name is fatima villicaña

I born in 4 july 2001, here in colima city, i am student, i like korean things, dogs and tv shows but i dont like cats, meat and bored people.

All the days i just do my homework, see movies sometimes play video games, listen kpop, draw and go to the school.

My favorite hobby is paint.

I always go to the school and sometimes i eat potato chips there. when i go back to my home usually my mom buy a coca-cola for me, that makes me happy. I often see horror movies whit her.

On saturdays at 8:00 i get up and go to have breakfast at 9:20, and in the afternoons at 6:00 o"clock i eat potato chips then i go to sleep at 10:00 o"clock.