Fatimah Alharbi

My name is Fatimah Alharbi, and I will tell you about myself some information. First, let me tell you about my personal life and my family. I was born in Medina, Saudi Arabia, where I grew up with my parents and two sisters and two brothers. Now I am married. I study at Seneca College, I want to finish English language program and start Dietitian. Second In my leisure time, I have many interesting hobbies. I like swimming, I enjoy listening to music, hop hop and classic , I like shopping , I reading magazines, and reading history books and novels . I love travel and I will take trips around the world. I like to cook, and usually search for new dishes and try it. Third, in the future, I will establish a nutrition clinic. In addition, I hop a project to help the needy in the world . I hope my profile gives a clear picture who I am, and my future plans.