Fatima JAX


I fumble my way around movies

Throw words into Microsoft Word and hope they make sense after spell-check

Drink coffee. A LOT

26 & I’m NOT taken

Blood type B+

I’m a lover not a fighter


Hopeless lover of lemon juice

I don’t mind admiring Mahendra Singh Dhoni's indifferent batting style

Am massively impulsive

Love late nights, but hate early mornings

8.30-5.30 I work for a product development Financial Technology.

Love to read, but never make time

I enjoy long walks

I am a paradox

I want to be happy,but I think of things that make me sad

I am lazy yet I am ambitious

I don't like myself,but I also love who I am

I say I don't care,but I really do

I crave attention,but reject when it comes my way

  • Work
    • Software Engineer
  • Education
    • BE (Electronics& Communication)