Fátima Alexandra M. Dos Santos

My name is Fatima M. Santos, I born on 3 January 1993. I live in Lisbon, Portugal.

As person I am self-centered, arrogant, have a natural intelligence, spirit nonconformist, serious, morose, melancholic and dramatic mood swings ...

I study photography in University Lusophone and from an early age that my taste in art is visible. Above all Art... (Painting, drawing, music and photography)

The taste for photography was born in the little time, but since the first moment that I realized... "This is what I do for the rest of my life!" However, everything I have and the dreams that I can achieve, I owe to my parents ... Without them, there would have chances to fight for my "race", for my dreams ... And fight for your dreams, whom I like. "

Site: http://500px.com/fatimamsantos