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Student in Ampang Jaya, Malaysia

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Well, hello :) i'm fatin, an awkward girl studying at UPM. A full-time student and a dreamer.

I never really thought thoroughly what people appreciate about me up until today. Now that i think about it, my close friends, family and teachers always have this kind of admiration towards me because of how smart I was as a student (so sorry if i sound like i'm bragging, i really do not mean to) and how i can be a good example to everyone else. My best friends always say they like hanging out with me because I always show my bright and funny personality when i'm with them, the side of me that not everyone can see. They also always depend on me to do something, i'm always the one who makes the decision. It's like i'm their big sister, although i'm the youngest in my family. ahah

What matters to me the most? the question i have been thinking a lot recently. For now, it was, is and will always be my family and my best friends. Although, sometimes (well, most of the time actually) they always get in my nerves and annoy me, i know that i cannot live without them. Just recently i have been thinking that me, myself is also very important to me. The more you love yourself, the less you care what people think about you. Education is of course important to me, in a way it gives tons of opportunities for me to learn and experience new things and a way to convey my message to people. Nonetheless, we never stop learning until we die.

There are a lot of ways to show your support. For me, just simply tell me that i will be okay and i can get through this and also pray for me :) peace out XX

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