Fatin Sarjat

Student, Small Business Owner, and Mother in Shah Alam, Malaysia

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Hi. Here's a lil introduction about myself!

I'm a fan of Taylor Says & I go crazy on handbags!

What people appreciate about me?

My advice & ideas. Although some of the matters are way out of my field or something I have never experienced, my family or my good friend will still turn up to me in order to get some feedbacks or at least opinions.

What is important to me?

Being knowledgeable & keeping up with evolutions. I believe, I'm not able to acquire knowledge & keep up with evolutions unless I'm aware of them. Awareness comes from education, be it formal or informal settings. Hence, in order for us to keep moving & become a successful person, the balanced of education & life experiences should walk hand in hand. Oh yesss, on top of all these, don't stress ourselves but just be happy no matter what. Life is too short to waste it over sad things! :)

How to support me?

Help me to finish my load of assignments. That's all I need. Haha. No, I'm joking :) :) Well, as a student, in class sharing ideas/discussion would be something that I always appreciate & it is also the kind of help that I need in order to get the best out of me. Discussion will help me to become more productive by analyzing other people point of view and relate it to my personal views. Through discussion, I'm able to detect the flaws in my perceptions/thoughts that I have on related topic & correct it accordingly.

That's basically all about me. Nothing strange but normal boring mother 😆

Adios! Cheers ~~