Fat Lester

Web Developer, Unemployed, and Cockfighting in New Orleans, Louisiana

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Fat Lester is an unemployed male rooster whose profession (cockfighting) has been outlawed in all 50 U.S. states. He is considering a move to the Phillippines as a result of the American cockfighting ban. Mexico is not considerd a viable option because there is not enough money in mexico to justify Lester risking his life every time he steps into the ring.

Since New Mexico and Louisiana succumbed to federal pressure and banned the sport, Lester spends most of his time wandering about pecking at small bits of food by day and mating with as many hens as possible by night. He is not actively looking for work, as unemployment benefits coupled with food stamps are more than adequate to keep a rooster living large. While apolitical by nature, Lester now votes democrat as a means of securing a continued stream of easy revenue without having to get a real job.

Fat Lester does dabble in blogging and domain investing. He had his own website where he promotes his premium domain name portfolio, as well as a blog discussing domain sales in addition to do-it-yourself web design and e-commerce software. He also has a 'random topics' blog where he discusses - you guessed it - random topics.

Before he became a fighting cock, Lester worked within the healthcare field. He worked for three years as an EMT, and two repairing medical equipment devices such as nebulizers, scooters and wheelchairs.

He briefly worked as a volunteer for a Covington, Louisiana Hospice company. However, volunteering, even if for a good cause such as helping care for hospice patients, doesn't help pay the bills.

Once the final two states banned cockfighting several years ago, Fat Lester attempted to start a career in medical equipment sales for a local DME company. Unfortunately for taxpayers, it didn't go over very well, and now Fat Lester is again unemployed and living off of government benefits.

Lester is a long-time patient of Covington, Louisiana primary care nurse practitioner Pamela Egan, who helped him heal following fights during his fighting days. He is very grateful to NP Egan for always healing him up and keeping him healthy.

Lester also owns WePick.com and is currently accepting offers from prospective buyers.