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Practice plates "The pains are alleviated by the work force center, located in the abdominal region. Respiratory control also contributes to the reduction of

tensions that aggravate the pain, "argues Professor Cristina Abram
"The classes in these periods should be modified, decreasing the intensity of the exercises, especially the abs." 6. Drink teas "Prefer herbs such as Chinese

Angelica, has antispasmodic effect, agonized (who also acts as analgesic, or cinnamon, which has been used since ancient times to treat colic," states Alex
. Pass through a session of acupuncture needles The traditional treatment has analgesic effect and regulates the menstrual cycle Use good old hot water

bottle put it in the lower back and abdomen.
"The heat stimulates irrigation, relaxes the muscles and softens the impact of the contractions of the uterus," explains Deborah Supine.. Get a massage or

The Chinese have points which, when tightened, treat PMS and cramps. The most used one is called Gong, which is near the edges of the pubis.
. Abuse of foods with calcium foods (dairy and dark vegetables), magnesium (soy, banana, beets, oats, tofu, cabbage and zucchini) and polyunsaturated fats

(salmon, tuna and Brazil nuts) may help you. "
They are muscle relaxants and have natural anti-inflammatory power," guides the orthomolecular medical Mariana Muniz, specialist in anti-aging medicine.
Escape the wrong foods Forget foods rich in fats, because they favor greater production of female hormones. Avoid even the sausages and drinks with caffeine

(coffee, black tea and soft drinks.) 12. Avoid stressful situations "Many people with pain are more angry and lose patience.