Fatma Hassaneen

Student, sister, and Volunteer in New York

Having a 16 year old brother with autism made an impact on my life. Growing up, I was surrounded by many therapists who taught my brother many verbal queues, as well as being able to interact with others. Although he is still blossoming into a beautiful flower, so am I. Seeing all the progress that my brother has made, I am currently attending college to become a Speech Language Pathologist. I'm thankful to have my brother in my life because he has taught me to have patience with the people around me. He is the one that has made me want to help others, especially those with intellectual disabilities.

It is really important for me to advocate for those who are on the spectrum. I am in the process of starting a blog on autism and other disabilities. As soon as it is created, I will be uploading a link to it.

Behind the puzzles and pieces:

As many know, a puzzle piece is the logo for autism. Autism has grew so much on me because of my autistic brother, that nothing more than puzzles and pieces describe me better.

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    • LIU Brooklyn