Phil Jones

Phil Jones

Born in 1962, the youngest son in a single parent family, raised in the old slums in Kirkdale Liverpool, I blazed through poverty, school, and puberty relatively unscathed (dyslexia and a couple of cautions put to one side) until i reached my teens and moved to Cantril Farm (otherwise known as Canny Farm, Canibal Farm or Stockbridge Village).

Whilst at St Nicholas Secondary Modern School in inner city Liverpool, I discovered punk music and Eric's nightclub / venue aged 15. I t changed my life.

At age 17 I was co-writing a Mod Fanzine called Time For Action with an old friend, Steve Rotherham (later to become Lord Mayor of Liverpool and current Member of Parliament for Walton).

A year or so later I met Peter Hooton (lead Singer / songwriter in The Farm) and he convinced me to sell my soul and co-create a new groundbreaking magazine called The End.. The End broke the mould as we strove to write something for the normal young people of Liverpool, who no one was representing or recognising.

We wrote about Music, Football, pubs, and crucially, we were at hand and involved in at the outset of the emerging terrace fashion scene in the early 80's.

All of the above combined to win us a very loyal cult following, starting in Liverpool but quickly gaining strongholds in Leeds, Cardiff , Aberdeen and Manchester before gaining popularity nationwide.

We were lucky enough to interview many of our heroes, from (The Clash, The Beat, The Undertones etc) as well as showcasing Local Liverpool talent around through the 80's (Echo & The Bunnymen, The Pale Fountains etc)

We called it a day around 1989 at the top of our game..we never made money from it, that was never the intention or motivation. I believe w e encapsulated the true essential Liverpool of the 1980's.

Thirty years later we released a compilation book of every edition of The End and sold 5000 copies in under 6 months (the best selling book on merseyside in 2012, beating Jamie Oliver and Charles Dickens into 2nd a 3rd spots respectively). You can read about the book and other stories of The End on sabotage times here;

Today I am employed at Edge Hill University. I'm a father of four beautiful daughters and I occasionally write for The End Fanzine Website