Fatma Mohammed

Student, Writer, and Volunteer in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

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My parents called me Fatma without asking me if I like it or not, but its just a name so I won't make a big deal out of it.

You know what franstrates me too? other than my name? its my voice! But I got over it when I joined Azzbda podcast as a co-host.. good for me.

I like writing and I throw myself at anything that requires words and sentences, thats why I write stories! and thats one reason why I volunteered with Autrjim, Scientific Saudi and Ketabei as a translator (I mean, it involves writing!).

I'm also fond of books and reading in general, thats why I started a Booktube channel on youtubewhere I make weekly videos about books.

Generally, I'm so interested in enriching the Arabic content on the internet so I'm working on a few initiatives, one being the Arabic Booktubers Communitywhere I help the Arabic booktubers and booktube community and promote the concept of reading and sharing thoughts with others.