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In your hard work for a day, we can take a bath to relax the mood, this shower is particularly important, a seemingly simple shower in our Home Furnishing in life is not a small effect, we do not know whether you know how to install the shower faucet, below, for the installation of knowledge introduce several kinds of Shower faucet, whether you know it or not, can learn to understand, to prepare for emergency needs.

One, hanging wall Shower Faucet Installation Notes

That shower faucet installation, first we have to know what we should prepare the necessary installation tools, check carefully before installing the shower faucet supporting accessories are complete, the more common leading parts are: rubber washer, water, shower, Guaizi, hose and so on, we are installing wall shower faucet, you have to select the appropriate height of buried pipe, note that the distance between the hot and cold water pipes must be within 15 cm or more than 15 cm, to wash the pipe before installation, lest bring harm to Pull down kitchen faucetwater quality is excellent.

Two, dark installed Shower Faucet Installation Notes

If you buy is concealed faucet, under normal circumstances, we need to faucet the spool buried in the walls, it must pay attention to the thickness of the wall of a toilet, can not choose where the wall is too thin to bury the spool, because it cannot be well embedded in the buried spool when the valve should not be the protective cover to take off, in order to protect the Bathroom accessories spool, embedded in is also should pay attention to the spool up and down around the direction, to avoid the wrong buried.

Three, shower installation steps

The installation steps shower has the following steps:

1, the eccentric joint shower to find, connect the water outlet pipe and buried it well, pay attention to the eccentric joints and the wall the distance from the outlet should be controlled at around 15cm.

2, the second step is the outlet pipe and the subject of outcrop assembly, this time to use raw materials with the thread to wrap after the main shower placed in the outlet of a screw fixed butt.

3, the third step of the shower rod and installed to the eccentric joint, attention should be sealed behind the leading nut and eccentric joint The middle.

4, the last step, the top position of the jet shower installed in the shower bar top pipe, then connect the leading body and a hand shower on the line using stainless steel hose.

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