Rasp 💫

Student in the United States

Rasp 💫

Student in the United States

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Hi i'm Rasp. I go by other names but it's best if I just use that name. I'm a 17 y.o person who is picky about who I let follow me. If...

•I know you in real life

•We're online friends that aren't that close

•You're some stranger that I can tell would not be interested in following this account

Then I will deny your request. If you keep requesting, you'll be blocked. If you DM me asking me why I won't let you follow me, I will let you know asap.

I make some exceptions to the two first bullets above. I'll only let you follow if I REALLY trust you.

Okay, here's some stuff you should know.

•i don't tag anything, as this is a vent account and i should be able to say whatever i want.

•i don't have any 'triggers'.

•i'll tag you in posts if you kin with someone/thing in a picture, or just want to be tagged.

•if you're inactive (meaning don't like or comment on my posts), then you'll be softblocked, unless you're a good friend.

•i delete posts sometimes for no reason.

•a majority of the pictures i post are gore.

I have a main account, but i'm not saying what it is unless you already know. If you do, please don't let other's who don't follow this account know that this exists. It's a safe space for me.

That's really it, I guess. Follow me if you want to see me whine and complain about my life. (: