faustina gilbey

My dream has always been to live in Italy and have a health spa – and here I am in late middle-age finally starting to live my dream!

I think it was Nora Ephron who famously wrote that if you want to be happy, marry an Italian man – well I’m as good as married to one, a Feldenkrais movement teacher, and we have a small health studio near Bergamo in Northern Italy….so it’s “so far so good”!

I’ve always adored mucking about in a kitchen, cooking and experimenting with recipes old and new and to this end travel and food anthropology have always played a large part in my life. I’ve travelled extensively doing freelance cooking and catering (from cramped boat galleys to airplane hangers & rock band tours), made a pilot African food documentary (in Nelson Mandela’s homeland), researched and written recipes for many years for TV cooking programmes and written my own small cookbook.

As a member of The Slow Food Movement here in Italy I now like this idea of ‘slowing down’ and reconnecting to nature, to seasonal and traditional foods . Some say that it’s just my age…..and yes, that’s probably true!.....but still I’m enjoying exploring Italy and it’s classic cuisine, meeting local food growers, farmers and food producers in the nearby mountains and lakes and matching all this wonderful produce with foods and spices from my travels.