Fausto Gallego

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I was born in Colombia, South America. I moved to australia with my parents which was an amazing expereince and oportunity they gave us. I'm a tremendously big family person and i will do anything for the people i love.

I am foremost a emerging Australian artist specializing in illustration, animation and design. I want to avobe all be able to make peoples imagination a reality. I believe that we are all creative, but some of us know the skills and have studyed, experince and make design, art in an everyday bases. It is us that can make a point go across, creatives are the ones that can make comunication easier even if there is a language barrier.

Above all i want to strive to be better and become a master of my art in my own right and for that i will create until my last breath and i will move the world one design at a time.


  • Work
    • Fausto Productions
  • Education
    • Swinburne University of Technology
    • Chisholm Institute