Fausto Iannuzzi

Fausto has a long standing passion for coding and technology: he started young, and never stopped. Growing up he studied Economics, getting old he specialized in marketing and communication, first, project management, later on.

Born in Naples, he spent most of his life traveling around Italy and Europe, working as a project manager for software, websites, smartphone applications.

He was lucky enough to take part in some crazy innovative adventures: in the past 12 years he worked as a project manager and as a software architect for some of the most advanced italian digital projects.

Always looking for a bigger challenge, Fausto founded Deskero: a cloud-based customer care software that aims to find new and better solutions to simplify the management of the customer service.

Fausto is always focused on creating new strategies to innovate and improve: he is terribly stubborn and never stops at front values, constantly trying to become better both in his professional and personal life.

  • Work
    • CEO & Founder of Deskero
  • Education
    • Project Management (Luiss)