Muhammad Iqbal Fauzi

Bandung, West Java

Hi There, let me to introduce myself

Habitually, other creatures called me with my middle name, ‘Iqbal’. I was born into this world on Friday 7 September 1990. Pure and Original akang and also proud to be born as moslem, Alhamdulilah. I wasn’t youngling anymore of course, but most of my classmates didn’t think I was older than them, probably my face was so youthful (awet muda hehehe) . Destined to be the first grandchild and the first son of three.

I have lovely parent. My beautiful Mom and My handsome Dad who always gives me bright advice and his effort for my future. I have a brother, and oh no! he is taller than me and I have a little sister, she’s so cute but little bit spoiled, I hope she’ll grow up to be a good muslimah. Amin. Absolutely fact, my family is the big-explosive motivation for my life. Like a rushing river flow. Sure enough I love my family so much.

After failed the selection test of IPDN twice, in the last test, finally Allah gave me a chance. The result of the spell ‘Man Jadda Wa Jadda’ – ‘ He Who Gives His All Will, Surely Get What He Wants’. Right now I’m a Praja ( IPDN Colleger ) majoring in Government Science at Institute Government Of Home Affairs ( IPDN ). This is my first adventure. At first year, stay in IPDN Jatinangor. Next journey, my second and third years, I hijrah to IPDN Region of South Celebes in Makassar City and for the last level, I will return to Jatinangor. Back to my habitat of sundanese people.

Formally, I got amanah for kept many discipline rules of praja as Police of Praja (POLPRA) with other chosen Praja. So far away, I really enjoyed with many activities here.

Informally, sometimes my friends call me, ‘the man of movies’ or ‘the downloader’, because I very like to update or download some box office movies. Listener many genre of music, especially rock alternative songs. One of ten billion fans of Japanese Comic (Manga) in this Century. Trying to be a nice learner who always against Mr. Lazy. Unfortunely his my real enemy in my mind.

Well, here’s a little description about me, just ordinary person who always open his door of silaturahmi to connecting with each others.

Still walk on own way. The path of Rahmatan lil Alamin

Thanks a lot for read un-important fact about me

NB : I’m so sorry, if my English was so bad, exactly in grammar. Please correct it if you will.

  • Education
    • Instititut Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri 2010 (XXI)