Favorite Place Travel is a full-service travel agency with agents who have experience all over the US and Europe. Our agents are certified with Disney, Universal Studios, Marriott, AMResorts, to name a few.

Your favorite place may be a particular hotel chain with comfy beds and great breakfast or cabin in the woods or teepee in North Georgia or hostel in Paris. We want to help you discover new places all over the world!

Stacey Gross has a passion for helping families go on vacation. She recognizes the immense value in escaping from the everyday routine and making the effort to make priceless memories with your family. The effort can be overwhelming, so Stacey loves to suggest ideas and take care of all the planning, keeping your interests and preferences in mind. Her favorite trip to plan is a family's first-time visit to Disney World. She has visited Disney World more times than she can count, and everytime she gets tears in her eyes as she is making her way down Main Street. As a child, she traveled via RV to nearly every state in the US with her family, singing along with Willie Nelson's 8-track and has been to Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. Her goal is to visit 6 of the 7 continents (Antartica is just too cold!) and make it to the one state she has yet to set foot in, Washington!

Susan Glover's love of travel began sitting in the back seat of a gigantic 1978 Bonneville for cross country roadtrips where my grandfather quizzed me on the name of every river and mountain we crossed. Since then, she has travelled extensively throughout the US and Western Europe both with kids, without kids, on a budget and with a little more money to spend. The experience she has gained in her European travels allows her to help you learn from her mistakes and take the intimidation out of travelling abroad. With over 20+ trips to Walt Disney World under my belt, extensive travel from the East Coast to the West Coast, and a love of the Midwest, which she calls home, she has helped friends and families plan their family vacations for years.