Fawad Qazi

Karachi, Pakistan.

I've created my dream job: learning and sharing knowledge.

I'm passionate about guiding businesses in how to build visibility and reputation by integrating content marketing and digital marketing into their communications and engagement programmes.

I'm also privileged to be the Founder and CEO of Brandweed, a full-service digital marketing agency providing service to wonderful businesses throughout in Asia, At Brandweed, we live our mission of helping our clients thrive in the digital communications revolution.

Here are some of the ways I can support you:

► Digital Marketing Strategy and Mentoring - I work with my clients and their digital agencies behind the scenes helping them understand how to develop a winning plan for integrating their inbound marketing

► Social Media Training and Consulting - you don't need a social media strategy - what you need is an effective social media plan to help you deliver your business goals. From helping you develop your social media policy through to running workshops I can help you develop your plan to profit with social media communications

Platforms covered in the social media workshops include include blogging, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SlideShare, Twitter, YouTube and Vine

► Advice and education in the topics of online reputation, crisis management, influence marketing, and content marketing.