Fawad Ur Rehman


Fawad Ur Rehman is a student of Computer Science at Abasyn University Peshawar Pakistan. I belong to District Peshawar, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan. My aim is to work for the promotion, and effective protection of the inherent dignity, basic human rights & fundamental freedoms of all human beings.

I have good leadership qualities, Strong communication skills, and command on English Language but main problem is lack of exposure & finance. My personal objectives are to obtain a challenging position to maintain momentum of my career. I have a dream which can come true in the form of Sparkling & sustainable change.

As far as my experience is concerned Insha’Allah I am sure if i am going on the right track with same rhythm by struggling for change & sustainable progress, in the long run i will be the charismatic leader of my nation with high ambitions like freedom of liberty, harmony, justice, equality, dignity, humanity, faith, pursuit of happiness, integrity, unity, discipline, equanimity, justice, prosperity & sustainable development. Since my early age till now I have learned a lot, working hard & realized a sparkling change in my personality, in my thoughts, in my ideology to do something great which is never done before by anyone in the world. This passion and patriotism led me to go forward all the time slowly and gradually instead of Give up. The motivational factor in my life is “Never Give Up” because i always believe in the beauty of my dreams which will becomes reality. I feel the glimpses of change in my own self which is the evidence of my successful future career & positive & sustainable change and development for the society. If one can do it so why not me, I can do it better then others.

I am working where health, education and income generation facilities are non-existed or dysfunctional and the poor are marginalized. In our society you will face human rights violations in which women rights are always violated at high percentage both in urban & rural areas. Therefore i decided to work on the positive aspects of women to showcase their strength & abilities enabling them to act as an element of social, moral & cultural change in the society. Being a part of Youth, I want to raise the voice of youth to stand up for a sustainable & positive change being a Human Rights & Youth activist. My vision, mission, belief, passion, patriotism, ideology, love for humanity

  • Education
    • BS cs