Fawaz alayed

hello .. ana esmy fawaz alayed 1 miswe6 madares 6'ahran big fan of Hilal & madrid Fifa is my game and this is my page and if you want to know more about me just ask me in my ask.fm/fawazalayed enshalllahh atwf8 eb 7yaaty o eb 1,2 mitwse6 b24en ellah 3ndy agareb ktheer o a7bhum klhumm <3<3 allah la y7rmny mnhum golo amen oo ha4a ele 3endyy *Point* ana mo fawaz ana fawaz's fan alllah ywfga enshalllah bkl 7yata o yd5ala fsee7 jannatk ameen ya rbb al3lmeen ! Loveeee you yl m9re <3=))