Fawne Fellows

Location Independent

Telling you who I am is a little like going to the dentist...for me anyway. I hope it's not that way for you at all! These are in no particular order and each is as important as the next.

I am, firstly, a traveler with my husband. We are location independent...meaning we have come from somewhere and go anywhere. We travel and work at campgrounds across the United States while working on websites and building our passive income empire.

Huh? You'll just have to check that.

Secondly, I am a writer, blogger, photographer who seeks to bring the best out of people while giving the best of myself. Few can raise to the challenge. Is it fear of seeing who they really are?

Disclaimer: I cannot help you if you don't want the help.

Thirdly, I am a mom of three, and grandmother of three. I take pride in that regardless of what they think.


Lastly, I am a dreamer, an entrepreneur, a business builder (using my own way, which is not always wise), and a wisher. I love wishes. Getting them and fulfilling them...

Lesson here: be careful what you wish for.

  • Work
    • We work anywhere where the snow has melted.
  • Education
    • Blah. It doesn't matter except what life has taught me.