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New method to slow blood vessel growth provides perspective against cancer”
Research at the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology
Researchers from the University of Leuven and the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB ), led by Professor Peter Carmelite have a new method has been How Does Truth About Cellulite Work?

found to inhibit partially shut down. Supply of energy on the growth of blood vessels Slowing the growth of blood vessels is a common treatment for cancer ,

inflammatory diseases such as Cohn’s disease , skin disorders or blindness by age .
The study focused on glycol sis , a process in which the energy and building blocks release that endothelial cells need to multiply .These cells from the

inside of a blood vessel and serve as a buffer between the wall of the blood vessel and the blood. By blocking, that the glycol sis in these cells and thus

activates stimulates the growth of new blood vessels , the protein PFKB3 with the small molecule 3PO , the researchers were able to prevent . The 100% money back guarantee

proliferation and movement of these cells
Existing medications does not always , and some patients are resistant or relapsed . The Leuven discovery provides new perspectives on and eficiëntere

treatments. " The innovative aspect of this therapy is that we glycol sis only partially and temporarily having to reduce to prevent new blood vessel

formation and still be able to reduce side effects ," says Carmelite . Also, other cells in the body need to be able to grow and survive. Glycol sis Although

3PO glycol sis partially blocks only , it nevertheless proved sufficient to reduce growth. Arteries