Omar Fawzy

Electrical Engineering Student.


A Member of 6th of April Youth Movement.


-always beleive , dare , hope and dream :)

- my life seems perfect for some people but actually it's all upright down

- Past is such a bad memories i 'dnt prefer to remmber it. Changing is always good and important.

-life wont give you all what u need.

- i dont like to be judged by anyone because i dont like to judge anyone before knowing them

-you may hear blah blah blah abut me ! but before you say the word know me well

- I'm tough but not hard to handle

-trust yourself. have confidence ! and be strong

- Do not let one person ruin ur night

-losing people aint easy but if it was for your sake . u will get over it

-you can always have confidence deep down. try boost it up and dont be afraid if they called it Arrogant

-always do what you want and never listen to what people say cause what thier chitchattings brings u misery and frowning !

- do what you want it's ur life not thiers

and I am not perfect and i make mistakes just like everyone else.

i am not an angel nor a devil

i've got my sins and i have got my