Fax Broadcast in York, Ontario, Canada

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Fax Broadcasting is a tremendous way to send important documents and to reach out with thousands of people at the same time. This is an effective and affordable method to link with other businesses, send documents and boost your brand awareness. FaxBB is one of the best fax broadcasting and advertising service providers that offers power faxing, mass faxing, bulk faxing, fax blasting and many more to all types of businesses across Canada and USA. We use cloud-based technology with our fax broadcasting portal to connect you with your existing customers or target new customers. You don’t need any computer or laptop to store or send your files. FaxBB let you do everything online by logging in your fax portal and upload your fax lists or number and documents to boost your business while you are in another country on family vacations. We provide an auto redial feature in our portal that resends your fax and charge you only for successful fax delivery. Apart from fax broadcasting, we also provide SMS broadcast, internet fax, email marketing and voice broadcasting to all our customers for any business needs. To know more about our fax advertising or fax broadcasting services visit FAXBB.COM or call us on 647-708-1088.