Alyssa Morrison

Artist in Hell, Michigan

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Hey there, fellow person browsing the internet! Yeah, you! Do you like terrible drawings? Do you like cringe? Then you've come to the right place! Come one come all to Faxoni's page.

Just a note, I don't actually live in Hell, Michigan. It would be cool to have my town be called that though ;)

I'm Alyssa, but you can just call me Galaxy. I am a smol bby, but i'd prefer to keep my age private. I love digital drawing! I also really like traditional, but digital is a lot easier to use. Really the only thing I draw nowadays are cats and dogs.

I am currently a student attending middle school in 7th grade. My favorite subjects are Math and Science. I don't do after-school activities, unlike most people. But I am in all the enriched classes, so I guess that sorta makes up for it?..

Oh, when did I start drawing, you ask? I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. The earliest drawings I still own is a whole sketchbook from 1st grade. You don't want to see the drawings in it, I mean it. If you want to know when I started digitally drawing, I started in August of 2016.

Hope you enjoy my drawings! ~