Faye Levow

From coaching to editing to publishing, Faye Levow's passion is to help authors get their books out of their heads, and get their message, in their voice, to their audience. She specializes in going Beyond the Book™ to discuss branding, future products, and other opportunities that can bring greater success and satisfaction to an author.

President of Launch Pad Publishing, Faye has been writing and editing for over 30 years and coaching authors for the last seven. She has been a features writer for magazines and newspapers, a contributing author in several books, and has edited magazines, newsletters, and numerous books in a variety of genres, including a Washington Post best-seller.

Faye spent much of her life in sales and marketing and considers marketing to be an important piece of the publishing puzzle.

She has contributed to many anthology-style books including Sprout the Life You Love and the upcoming Contagious Optimism series. Faye is co-author of Award-Winning Savory Delights: The Best Restaurants in Greater Fort Lauderdale and creator of the upcoming book OMG! My Parents are Getting OLD! scheduled for release at the end of 2012.

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