Faye Kelly

TV runner in Southampton, United Kingdom

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My name is Faye Kelly, I am a third-year student at Southampton Solent University currently studying Television and Video Production. Being a Television production student, I am lucky enough to try out a variety of different jobs and projects like those in the TV industry. This has allowed me to produce, film and create a variety of different films as part of my course, such as short films, documentaries and studio shows. However not only do I have great skills and experience developed through my course such as filming university sports, sports awards and local music festival. I also have a range of different work experience related to the media industry, like filming at Bestival 2017 to working as a runner on X Factor. These experiences have allowed me to understand how diverse the TV industry is and has allowed me to network, develop and achieve great things.

As well as achieving to work in television, alongside my degree I am a student ambassador and a course representative. Both these positions are ones which I enjoy thoroughly and have enabled me to develop a range of social skills. Allowing myself to mix with a variety of people.

Although I am not exactly sure what job I would like to achieve in the future, I am an ambitious person and am keen to succeed in the media industry. I have skills in pre-production which I am intrigued to learning more about. However, I am not limited in my area and am keen to work on the production where I enjoy filming and general runner duties, I personally enjoy and excel in managing and organising projects and people. In the future I believe I will start of as a runner for a production company or television programme, and then hopefully excel in the industry climbing up the career ladder.