Faye LeVine

Faye LeVine has practiced law in Atlanta since 1978, representing clients in matters of workplace injury, social security disability, and personal injury. Faye LeVine operates with the motto "no injury too small,” taking pride in leading her clients through complex legal mazes towards fair and equitable solutions. During her more than three decades in the legal arena, she has assisted thousands of clients in achieving monetary compensation and medical treatment for their injuries and disabilities. Faye LeVine’s experience in personal injury claims encompasses a full range of situations in which clients have experienced physical trauma due to the negligence of companies or individuals. Injuries may be due to collision with a vehicle, or they may have taken place at publicly accessible properties such as stores or hotels. Other cases involve medical negligence in hospitals and other health care facilities. In personal injury cases, Faye LeVine focuses on determining whether liability exists, and if so, the severity of the injury suffered. In cases when a settlement cannot be achieved, she requests a trial, preparing written interrogatories and depositions to present before a judge or jury. She additionally meets with experts and witnesses, arranging their court appearance details. In many cases, she authors motions and briefs, arguing legal points with presiding judges. Faye LeVine also offers experienced assistance in workers' compensation claim cases, ascertaining whether her client and the employer have followed correct procedures under the law. She seeks to obtain timely payment of all benefits due, also securing the best medical care possible for her clients. Away from the office, Faye LeVine enjoys time with her family and pets, finding that a good mystery novel helps her take her mind off the day’s legal issues.