The Majestic Space Duck

The Majestic Space Duck

herro herro world !!

my name is dal, i don't go by any pronoun you can call me however you want (he/she/it)

I'm 20 and ive been diagnosed professionally: adhd, depression, anger issues

my ray of sunshine JHSE <3

i like soooo many stuff like anime, video games, fandoms *cough cought* hOMESTUCKKK

i speak spanish so im half mexican, i rlly rlly rlly like spanish youtubers *cough cough* elrubiusomg

rock/metal/punk is what i live and the reason why im alive, i know my genres really well so if i see a poser or someone saying something wrong about music i will give you a brief lecture and teach you well about music so please dont offend me

the beatles, that is all i have to say, i think you'll get the rest of this

pls dont hesitate to talk to me, im a very fun person :3