Fay Johnson

Founder & CEO of Red Balloon Ideas, a social-impact strategic consulting firm that focuses on finding solutions to poverty and social justice issues through behavior design, behavior change communication, and public campaigning.

Founder and Editor of deliberateLIFE Magazine, a lifestyle publication that does good.

Passionate about working with others to find innovative, sustainable, cross-sector solutions to global justice issues.

Adventurer. Advocate. African. Educator. Business Owner. Behavior Change Communication Enthusiast. Lover of public speaking. Traveler. Third-culture-kid with half my heart in Cape Town and the other half in San Francisco (leaving the rest of me somewhere over Washington, DC).

On good days I am a seeker of balance, a speaker of truth, a reader of news, a journaler, a quasi-vegetarian, a dancer and a to-do-list master. Every day, I am a coffee-drinker, an opinion-holder and a mac-user.