Fayola Timberlake

Born and raised only a stone's throw from London's pulsating music scene in Camden. Fayola Timberlake, a singer-songwriter with a distinctive ear for potent melodies and lyrics, is on the cusp of injecting the global music scene with her invigorating slant on pop, r'n'b and alternative music.

Having collaborated with a diverse array of producers both nationally and internationally, she has recently completed writing and recording stints with amongst others, Animal Farm, Supafly Inc and most notably, acclaimed US producer JR Rotem (Britney Spears).

Fayola is currently in the midst of an alarmingly prolific phase of writing and developing new material for herself and other artists, whilst her true ambition is to emulate top notch songwriters such as Linda Perry, Cathy Dennis, Goffin & King, et al.

A graduate of The Brit School, her experiences as a professional dancer have certainly had a major influence on the musical journey she is now embarking upon. Her dance credits and music video appearances include: Chris Brown (World Music Awards), Robbie Williams, Jamelia, Mystique, and Michael Jackson's 'Thriller Tribute Event'.With debut single 'Pull The Plug' about to assault the nation's airwaves alongside her vibrant video promo, Fayola Timberlake is definitely one to watch.

Stay tuned for further developments from this rising star.