Fayr Barkley, Ph.D.

Beverly Hills, CA, Mississippi Gulf Coast

After graduating film school, Fayr Barkley began her career with a CBS affiliate in Jackson, MS as a television journalist and anchor. She began freelancing for CBS network at age 21 and originated, wrote and syndicated her news stories and features worldwide, selling to CBS Morning News and Walter Cronkite. From CBS, Barkley went to PBS as a producer/director and produced documentaries, docudramas, children’s educational programming, and live to tape programming. Her writing and marketing skills were utilized by Geigy Pharmaceuticals to accelerate a sales territory from last place in the nation to the top 5 in a one-year period.

Barkley relocated to Los Angeles to further her writing and media career. During this time, she earned a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy with a specialty in pain management and a Ph.D. in Psychology. She started her own forensic consulting practice and worked with attorneys on high profile celebrity cases while continuing her pursuits in the entertainment industry. Barkley opened an office at Hollywood Center Studios and began writing and producing television pilots. She became a featured, recurring character that she created (“Dr. Fayr–Pajama Doc”) on the hit syndicated series BLIND DATE for 6 seasons.

Barkley is a human behavior expert who writes on topics from predicting human behavior, relationships, health/wellness and diet. She has written articles for More magazine, Shine, Ezine Articles, Oprah online, among others, and is frequently consulted by the Harvard based website Her Campus for her expertise in relationships. She has been featured in documentaries by M6 France, Australian television, and interviewed for her expertise in human behavior and imprinting by Orange County Register, New Zealand Radio 1, ABC News, CNN and other media. She is in the “experts” data base at the Dr. Phil show and assists producers when called.

Barkley is the Founder and CEO of Fayr Barkley Media, LLC.


Currently, she is writing and developing treatments and pilots for episodic television series for the U.S. and China, and writing non fiction books, developing branding and sales strategies for businesses, and continues her pro bono work through her 501 c3 nonprofit www.dialstart.org. She travels between the MS Gulf Coast and Los Angeles.

She is represented by Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo, Helin and FountainLiterary Management. www.ghliterary.com

  • Work
    • At the core of all I do is the written word.
  • Education
    • Two doctoral degrees